Additional Sewer Odor Update, July 26

Please see the following message received from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) regarding the wastewater treatment plant.

Message at 9:33am July 26: Arrived at sewer plant July 24, 7:00am to conduct an odor reading. The result was no reading of pollution with a Nasal Ranger (a device used to conduct odor readings). In order for the Nasal Ranger to read pollution the levels must be at a of dilution 2:1 or higher. A detectible dilution of 8:1 or higher is considered non-compliance with Air Quality Pollution Regulations. The City of Ouray Wastewater Sewer Lagoons are in compliance with Air Quality Pollution Regulations.

Christopher S. Reinhardt
Environmental Protection Specialist
Air Pollution Control Division
Compliance and Enforcement Program