Public Works Update

Road Maintenance Begins:
Public Works has begun the annual road maintenance around town. They will be busy graveling and grading the streets and then they will start preparing the streets for dust control which will be in mid-May.

City Sewer Lines Cleaned:
Over 10,000 feet of sewer lines were cleaned around town recently. This included jetting the lines, cutting away tree roots that have grown in the way, and other needed maintenance and repairs.

Fire Hydrant Replacement Scheduled:
The fire hydrant on the SW corner of Main Street and 6th Avenue is scheduled to be replaced the second week of April. The replacement of the 1974 model will require the Public Works Department to dig out to the water main which runs under Main Street. They will then replace the 4" water line with a larger 6" line which will allow for greater flow. The water shut-off will affect the businesses on the west side (river side) of Main Street between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue. While doing the fire hydrant repairs, Public Works will also assist in removing a section of sidewalk so that a business may do some repairs.  

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Dennis Erickson, our Public Works Director. He can be reached at 970-325-7074 or