Committees & Boards

Committees & Boards

The City is dependent upon the hard work and dedication of volunteers for many programs and activities in the City.  Volunteering through a City committee is a great way to get involved with your community as well as with City services.  Provided is information about the different City committees as well as an Application for Participation on a City Committee.  The City Council invites citizens to contribute to our community through committee involvement.  If you are interested in joining one of the committees as an official member, please submit an application to City Hall and your application will be reviewed by the City Council.  Even if you do not want to serve directly as a voting member of a committee, each committee welcomes anyone that would like to provide time and/or expertise.

All committees have a set number of members with staggered terms and may also have residency requirements.  Details for each committee can be found in Chapter 2 of the Ouray City Code.


Planning Commission (PC)
The Planning Commission reviews matters related to planning, zoning, and land use regulations.  Unlike the other committees, the Planning Commission is supported by the Community Development Director and reviews land use, conditional use permit, and land use variance applications. These reviews are often done in a quasi-judicial hearing. After review of the City Land Use Code, the Planning Commission provides final decision for conditional use permits and land use variances. All other decisions are recommendations by the Planning Commission to the City Council. The City Council will also refer proposed land use and building code changes to the Planning Commission for review and recommendation.

Next Meeting: 10.18.2022 @ 4:00 pm
Location: Community Center, Massard Room

Password: 881162

Agenda (once available):

Beautification Committee (OBC)
The Beautification Committee works on projects to help beautify the community. The committee oversees the installation of all the flower gardens in the City as well as all the hanging baskets and plantings on Main Street. They have also worked hard over the years to acquire many historic mining pieces and equipment that are displayed throughout the community to recognize Ouray mining heritage. The committee has also provided direction on signage, light poles, and benches on the public rights of way. The Beautification Committee also plays an important role in developing and implementing master plans for the City’s park system. The committee makes recommendations to the City Council on these many beautification projects as well as the use of dollars from the Beautification Fund. This fund is supported by a portion of the Lodging Occupation Tax and is used exclusively for projects that help beautify the community.

Next Meeting: 10.05.2022 @ 8:00 am
Location: San Juan Room
Beautification Upcoming Meeting Agenda (Posted in City Hall)

Community Economic Development Committee (CEDC)
The Community Development Committee works as the liaison between the City and the business community. This includes working to create and implement an economic development plan, working with the Community Master Plan and the business community to develop a community marketing plan, and to bring programs which would induce private investment enterprises and commerce. The committee also explores regional economic development efforts with the Town of Ridgway and Ouray County as well as is tasked with developing a Business Expansion and Retention (BEAR) program, participating in policy discussions and revisions to community planning documents, and making recommendations to the City Council about economic incentive requests.

Next Meeting: 10.13.2022 @ 8:30 am

Location: Community Center, San Juan Room
CEDC Upcoming Meeting Agenda

ANNOUNCEMENT: The City of Ouray Community Economic Development Committee (CEDC) is pleased to announce our inaugural Small Business Development Grant. This grant is intended to provide micro-grants to entrepreneurs and existing businesses located within Ouray who apply with a “shovel-ready” project. Please see the narrative below for more information:
CEDC Micro Grant Narrative 2022
CEDC Micro Grant Application 2022_Fillable PDF
CEDC Micro Grant Application Scoring Rubric

Not yet a registered business? CLICK HERE for more information and to complete your registration. 
Starting a new business? CLICK HERE for valuable Business Resources. 

Parks and Recreation Committee (PARC)
The Parks and Recreation Committee consists of diverse community members who volunteer their time to maintain and enhance Ouray’s recreational opportunities.  PARC provides safe, family-friendly events to bring the community together.  These events include but are not limited to:  Broomball, Cabin Fever Days, Dodgeball, Softball, Game Night, and WinterFest Snow Games.  PARC collaborates with local organizations, groups, committees, businesses, and individuals to accomplish their mission.  Partners include:  Ouray Hot Springs Pool & Fitness Center, the Beautification Committee, the Ouray School District, and the WinterFest Committee.  As with the Beautification Committee, PARC plays an important role in developing and implementing master plans for the City’s park system.

Next Meeting: 10.04.2022 @ 6:00 pm
Location: Community Center, San Juan Room
PARC Upcoming Meeting Agenda (Posted in City Hall)

Main Street Steering Committee
More information to come as the committee is establishing its Vision/ Mission and 3-5 year Strategic plan, as well as a 2023 annual work plan.

Next Meeting: TBD
Location: Community Center, San Juan Room
Main Street Steering Committee Upcoming Meeting Agenda (Posted in City Hall)

Tourism Advisory Committee (TAC)
The Ouray Tourism Advisory Committee (TAC) represents a cross section of the small businesses, nonprofits, and residents of Ouray. We educate ourselves about best practices in the tourism industry, tourism marketing, and the visitor experience. We gather input, plan, prioritize, measure, and advise the City of Ouray on the best actions to take related to the tourism industry in our community. Some of these actions are funded by the Ouray Lodging and Occupancy Tax (LOT) Tourism Fund, as directed by city ordinance, “which exists solely for the purposes of destination marketing, management and development to attract visitors to and enhance the visitor experience within the City of Ouray, Colorado.” Other actions may be funded by other sources as appropriate, including, but not limited to, the city general fund, grants, licensing or advertising fees, product or ticket sales, or special taxing districts. 

TAC Strategy Plan - Adopted by Council 3.1.2021

Application: Ouray Lodging and Occupation Tax (LOT) Tourism Fund FY2023 Budget Request Form - Due September 30, 2022

Next Meeting: 10.04.2022 @ 6:00 pm
Location: Community Center, Massard Room
TAC Upcoming Meeting Agenda