Cascade Waterfalls

VCascadeFallsisible from nearly anywhere in Ouray, Cascade Falls is an impressive sight. To get to the trail that leads to Cascade Falls drive east up 8th Avenue. 8th Avenue dead-ends in the Cascade Falls parking lot. From there it is a short, but moderately steep, ¼ mile walk to the waterfall. There is no charge to visit Cascade Falls. The Ouray Trail Group  has built a small shelter near the base of the falls, and this same group of volunteers maintains the trail to the waterfall. The short trail to the waterfall intersects the popular Perimeter Trail, an approximately five mile loop trail that surrounds Ouray.

Cascade Falls Park is the lower most of a series of seven waterfalls in Cascade Creek. The top waterfall in the series, Upper Cascade Falls, can be reached by following the longer and much steeper trail to the Chief Ouray Mine. Upper Cascade Falls is a destination that should be attempted only by experienced hikers. Lower Cascade Falls, in Cascade Falls Park, is a delightful and spectacular waterfall. You will want to allow ample time to sit by the creek and to walk to the base of the waterfall and feel the spray and the power of the cascading water.