Fellin Park

***Camping is not allowed in any City park***
Located next to the famous Ouray Hot Springs Pool, Fellin Park is also commonly referred to as the Hot Springs Park. The large park gets its name from the Fellin family who deeded the land to the City of Ouray in 1924.

Much like the City of Ouray itself, Fellin Park has always maintained its beauty and character. Over the years the park has grown and expanded to provide many ‘extras’. Ouray residents and visitors enjoy these amenities which include: a large playground, skate park, ¼ mile asphalt track, picnic areas, gazebo, basketball court, as well as the Smokey Joe Wood baseball field which is where the famous Smokey Joe Wood used to play as a child when his family lived in Ouray.

Fellin Park has hosted countless weddings, reunions, birthdays, concerts, races (both foot and bicycle),
 softball games, community movie nights, as well as being the main gathering spot for viewing the fireworks on the 4th of July each year. Whatever your event might be, Fellin Park is the perfect place to host it.
If you are ready to request a reservation for the picnic area, gazebo area, or the entire park please complete the application below:

Park Use Application

See below for availability.

Liquor, wine or beer cannot be sold or given away at a public event without first applying for a Special Event Permit. Such a permit can also be obtained from City Deputy Clerk/Treasurer, at 970-325-7064. It is important that you plan ahead since this process takes a minimum of six (6) weeks for approval from the State Licensing Board.

If Goods will be sold during your event, has a Huckstering Permit Application been made?  CLICK HERE for more information and the application, which can be found in the "Other City Licenses & Permits" section found halfway down the linked page.

If you have questions or concerns about reservations for any of the above-listed areas please contact:

Communications and Community Engagement Coordinator