Lee's Ski Hill

Lee's Ski Hill

Lees_Ski_Hill_from_belowIt's small, but definitely one of the gems of Colorado skiing!

Located on 3rd Avenue near 4th Street, Lee's Ski Hill rope tow will be running as conditions permit. Hours are noon to dusk on weekends and school holidays, and 3:00 pm to dusk on weekdays. Skiers and snowboarders flock to Ouray's ski hill, especially after one of the famous San Juan Mountain storms leaves a wallop of new snow. 

Consider bringing your family to spend a few hours on the slopes at Lee's Ski Hill, then enjoy soaking in the famous Ouray Hot Springs Pool. Top it off with a visit to one of Ouray's great restaurants

Let the Ouray rope-tow bring you to the top of the slope, and then enjoy the 75 feet of vertical on the ride down. Be sure to pause and admire the scenery! 

Vinegar_Hill_Ski_Hill_map_300pxDays of operation vary depending upon snowfall, but generally, the ski-tow is in operation from about December 20th until the end of February or mid-March. You can call the Ouray City Resources office (970) 325-7065 during regular business hours for information. Or send an email to ourayinfo@cityofouray.com.

Skis and snowboards are welcome on Lee's Ski Hill. Sleds and inner-tubes are not allowed. For sledding, visit Ouray's sledding area, Vinegar Hill located at 5th Ave and 5th St.