Trails in the Box Canon Falls Park

BoxCanonJuly72009005SMALLThere are three interpretive trails in the park that range from easy to moderately difficult. The park offers picnicking, hiking, and unforgettable sightseeing. Our visitor center houses interpretive exhibits, describing the geology, wildlife, and history of the area.

  • The Falls Trail is a mostly level, easy, 500 foot walk into the canyon.
  • The High Bridge Trail takes you up 200 feet in a half mile round trip hike. Along the trail are beautiful views of town and the high peaks of the Amphitheater Cirque.
  • The Native Plant Loop is a short, easy stroll with river sounds, trees and shrubs, and plant markers to help identify local flora of the Box Cañon. This is the only trail within the park that does not have steps.

 Trails in the Box Cañon are open throughout the winter, conditions permitting. For more information call 970-325-7080, or 970-325-7065.