Community Plan 2021

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The City of Ouray updated its Community Plan in 2021. The Adopted 2021 Ouray Community Plan is linked here.

The final draft incorporates all of the public comments the City received throughout the update process and was reviewed by the Planning Commission, CEDC, and City Council before its final adoption by the Ouray City Council.

This plan was developed over the course of nearly three years, and includes the involvement and coordination of over sixty stakeholder groups. This plan aimed to embody the goals, priorities, and opportunities of the entire Ouray community.

Community comments and thoughts were integral to the update process. The community submitted comments via this Public Comment Form, which were translated to applicable sections, goals, strategies, and visions. The information requested in the form will helped target issues and keep track of responses. 

The Community Plan is a long-range document that establishes the overall vision for the community, vision statements for each theme, and goals and actions to achieve the overall vision and theme vision statements over time. The Community Plan is a very important advisory and regulatory document that is used by the City Council, Planning Commission and the community in budgeting, capital planning, work plans and for evaluating certain discretionary land use applications such as re-zonings, Planned Unit Developments (PUDs), and conditional use permits.

The City of Ouray updated its Community Plan because the previous plan was 14 years old, and it was time to revisit the City’s vision, goals and actions as the community has evolved. Community or comprehensive plans are typically revisited every 5 to 10 years in order to reflect the current public interests; address current issues and opportunities for the city; stay ahead of trends, conditions and changes to the community; and to chart a path forward.

The Community Plan addresses several themes that are important to the community, including:

  • Infrastructure
  • Recreation, trails and parks
  • Land Use
  • Historical Resources
  • Housing
  • Community Character
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Tourism
  • Sustainability
  • Geothermal Resources
  • Arts and culture
The Community Plan Update process is summarized in Process To Update the Community Plan.

***Please contact the City’s Community Development Director if you have any questions on the Community Plan update by emailing

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