Public Works


Public Works

Report a water line break? Call 970-596-5219 to reach Public Works on-call. 

Water Service Line Material Survey

As your water provider, we need to determine the material of your water service line to ensure safe drinking water and to comply with new regulations. A service line is the underground pipe that carries water from the water main, likely in the street, into your home or building. Refer to the attached instructions on how to locate your water service line and identify its material.

Please complete the brief survey below to see if your service line contains lead.

Return the completed survey to us as soon as possible.

Public Works Director - Joe Coleman

The role of the Public Works Director is to oversee Public Works, including streets/drainages, general public works, water and wastewater utilities infrastructure, the micro-hydro plant, fleet maintenance, Regulatory Compliance, and related functions. To ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local environmental regulations; directs and controls actions related to regulatory permits and compliance issues associated with public works functions.

The Public Works Department handles street repair, street maintenance (including snowplowing), and maintenance of City buildings and vehicles. The City's water and sewer systems are also maintained by this department. Click on the menu options to the left for more information. 

Public Works Permits & Forms