Right-of-Way Resources and Permits
For construction projects involving construction, excavation, or work in a city-maintained right-of-way (ROW), a permit for this ROW work is required.
This application is below and must be submitted to the City for review. 

Right-Of-Way Construction, Excavation, or Work Application Permit

Main Street Sidewalk Replacement / Reimbursement Program

The City of Ouray City Council dedicated $20,000.00 from the City's Lodging & Occupancy Tax (LOT) in 2023 to incentivize property owners along Main Street/Highway 550 to replace their public sidewalks. This reimbursement program includes 25% reimbursement for sidewalk replacement costs. 

25% Reimbursement Program
for property owners on Main Street/Highway 550 between 3rd Avenue and 10th Avenue.
Please submit the completed application to the City of Ouray for review. Reimbursements are considered and issued on a "first-come, first-serve" basis until the allotted funds have been dispersed. 

Sidewalk Clearing & Snow Removal (Property Owners' Responsibility)
The Ouray City Council recently adopted changes to the City’s Municipal Code regarding sidewalk clearing. These changes include more specific regulations for snow removal and established an assessment and penalty for failure to maintain sidewalks in the winter. These updated snow removal policies went into effect on December 10, 2022. 

ORDINANCE No. 11 (Series 2022)

Two Ordinances of the City of Ouray, Colorado, repealing and replacing Section 13-6 of the Ouray Municipal Code to add more specific regulations concerning snow removal; and establishing an assessment and penalty for failure to maintain sidewalks in the winter. 

Updated regulations include: “Snow and ice shall be removed from the abutting sidewalk within twenty-four (24) hours after a snow event with less than twelve inches (12") of accumulated snow or forty-eight (48) hours after a snow event with more than twelve inches (12") of accumulated snow. Removal of snow and ice means shoveling the sidewalk such that the snow accumulation is removed and using a traction agent is applied, such as sand or salt to melt ice accumulation, if necessary" (Section 13-6-D, Ouray Municipal Code). 

A Resolution of the City Council of the City of the City of Ouray, Colorado, amending the fine schedule for violations of the Ouray Municipal Code. Enforcement of sidewalk snow removal will be conducted by the City's Building Inspector in accordance with Code Enforcement processes and provisions outlined in Resolution No. 18, 2022. Please note the following fines for failure to clear sidewalks: 
1st Offense: Warning
2nd Offense: $150.00 fine
3rd Offense: $200.00 to $500.00 fine; summons 

City Public Rights-of-Way (Public Works Snow Removal)