Winter Recreation

Winter Recreation

Winter Activities in Ouray's Parks

Ice Climber slider SMALLOuray is a favorite destination for winter time activity and pleasure. The Ouray Ice Park is an ice climbing venue within the city limits, just a short walk from Main Street, that attracts beginners and experts alike to its 200+ ice and mixed climbs. And our sulphur-free Ouray Hot Springs Pool is a popular spot to warm up after a day out in the snow.

In addition to ice climbing and soaking there are many other winter activities to enjoy in the Ouray parks. Please click on one of the links The Hot Springs Pool is a peaceful and steamy hot  place to enjoy the San Juan Mountains on a snowy day.below to learn more about winter fun in the Ouray town parks. Most of these can be enjoyed at very little or no cost.

Ouray Ice Skating Rink
Located in Ouray's Rotary Park, approximately 1 mile north of the famous Ouray Hot Springs Pool.

Lee's Ski Hill
Located on 3rd Avenue near 4th Street, our Ski Hill is small, but definitely one of the gems of Colorado skiing!